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Whenever you want to locate a place in Alor Setar, use this Alor Setar map to save you time. You may use it as often as you like, it is a free mapping tool.


You can easily find the route from Kampung Kastam to Taman Pelange. It is just as easy to find any city or location to any other place in the world. You can do it all right here. This saves you the trouble from searching all over the place.

It would be a good idea to bookmark this page. To bookmark this page, just press CTRL and D on your keyboard simultaneously.

Navigating the Map

On this Alor Setar map, you will see helpful tools to help you navigate to the location you are looking for. If you look on the left of the map you will see the navigation arrows. The 4 navigation arrows will bring you to the north, south, east and west when you click on them. It is much easier to just use your mouse to click and drag over the map to bring you to a particular location.

The other 2 buttons, the + and the - signs, is to zoom in and out.

Map View, Satellite View or Terrain View

The buttons on the top right hand side of the map allows you to choose your views. The "Map" button is the default view. Here you will see the street map of Alor Setar. The "Sat" button is to change the view to a satellite view. This is really cool if you like to actually see the roads and buildings when you zoom into a place. The "Ter" button is the Terrain View button. Here you can actually see the topography of the place.

I especially like the Satellite View and use it often. When you are at this view, you may turn the labels for the streets and attractions on or off, by selecting or unselecting the check box right below the "Satellite" button.


I hope you enjoy using this free Alor Setar Map. Please note that you can use this map for any location in the world, not just for Alor Setar.


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