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About Malaysia

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About Malaysia - just like many other countries, Malaysia has its hidden gems as well as traps. The idea is to discover the gems and to avoid the traps. I will share with you all that I know and love about this beautiful and friendly country where I was born and where I call home.

Though it is a relatively young country, gaining independence from the British only in 1957, it has an interesting history and a rich and diverse culture. Here you'll discover more about Malaysia, and hopefully discover the gems. Check out the things you can do in Malaysia.


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Culture and Religion

The Malays here are similar to the Malays of Indonesia and the Philippines. They form about 60% of the population. This is followed by the Chinese, at about 25% of its population. The Indians form about 8% of its population. The others include indigenous people of the peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak. There are also significant numbers of Eurasians here too.

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Being different in culture and religious beliefs have contributed to making us very unique and interesting. Though Islam is the official religion, there is freedom of religion in Malaysia. You'll be surprised by the number of churches and temples you will see during your visit here.

fireworks display at Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur

Heritage and Skyscrapers?

Yes, we do have some very well kept heritage buildings as well as modern skyscrapers. In fact UNESCO recently accorded Georgetown and Melaka as World Heritage sites. And of course there are the tallest twin towers in the world, the Petronas Towers, to keep you in awe.

So what is the most populated city in Malaysia? Check out these 28 MUST see Kuala Lumpur Attractions.

Lovely Beaches and Magical Islands

You will be we happy to know that we have many beautiful beaches and enchanting islands. From easily accessible golden sands to crystal clear waters, it is as close to heaven on earth as one can possibly get.

Scrumptious Food at Ridiculous Low Prices

What do we eat in Malaysia? You'll be attracted to the food which is sometimes out of this world. There are really so many things for you to eat and drink, and they all cost so little. It's sometimes called a food lovers' paradise.

Malaysia is for you to Explore - Malaysia Facts & Tourism Malaysia

I sincerely hope that the information provided by About Malaysia, proves useful and informative to you. And that it has created a desire for you to come and discover the gems of Malaysia for yourself. If you want to know more about Malaysia, feel free to contact me.

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