Love Scams Originating From Malaysia

by Caring

Hi! I'm a 39 year old, 8 years separated, Philippina. I was a battered wife and it took me years to get back to my feet with the help of my family.

A friend of mine introduced me to TAGGED! to start socializing again. It felt safe and convenient.

I met a lot of guys from all over the world and those who were really upfront with sex online got blocked from my site.

I then got to chat with a certain REMY M in Tagged! He said he was a 40 year old widower with one daughter who is staying with his mom in New York. He said he is from Manchester, UK, working as a Mechanical Engineer.

With just that info, I thought this may be a good match for me. And so we chatted. Within 3 days he was already saying that I will be his wife, and that the past does not matter. He said he will be coming to the Philippines to meet me and my relatives. He said that he spoke to his mom about me and his friends.

I was smitten (stupid)! I was a fool. I didn't listen to the warning bells in my head.

He said he is British, born in America, but spoke poor English. I saw how he looked like after one and a half months of chatting through a video recording he sent me. I have no access to webcam.

He sent me an email regarding his flight booking which looked legitimate, and I did check with the airline, KLM.

However, 2 days before he is supposed to fly in, I again checked on KLM's website and it says FLIGHT CANCELLED! I confronted him but he feinted anger that I don't trust him.

I suspected something fishy. So I just went along with him, said sorry and that I cannot wait for him to come on 10 May 2011.

I went online to check on info on the flights listed on his email, no flight from Kuala Lumpur to Manila. There were discrepancies on the flight time between London and Manila.

When I checked on the Manage My Booking and placed the confirmation ticket code, it said your flight from Beijing to Manila has been cancelled.

I chanced on a thread online and it gave me goosebumps because that's exactly how he was like.
I even learned how to get his ip address and locate where the email originated.

Lo and behold the confirmation email he sent me came from MALAYSIA!

I have to accept the truth, it was too good to be true and it is a SCAM!

I went along with the charade, sending him offline messages on the day he was supposed to leave the UK (May 9) and when he tried ringing me I got scared and did not answer. He sent me instant messages appearing to be worried that he is not able to reach me.

I said there has been a typhoon and it may have affected the lines but that I'll be waiting for him at the airport on May 10, 10PM mnl time.

Then on May 10, 3pm a Malaysian number is calling me and I didn't answer. Then an sms (texting) came from same number saying she is an immigration officer of Malaysia and that Remy wants to talk to me.

I told her if there's a problem with Remy, I have a relative at the Philippine Embassy and they can help him. Even to coordinate with British Embassy (thanks to the Thread).

They didn't reply anymore. I sent Remy an sms saying I know what he's up to and that I've reported this to the Philippine Embassy.

He now blocks me on his page. Ive sent messages to the Filipinas on his page that sends him comments and tags to warn them about him.

I know I chickened out in really knowing what their ploy was but that's all that I can take probably. I may not be able to carry out my bluff if I was talking to him already. My intention here is to let people know of this ongoing scam.

I'm not able to report him in Tagged! because it didn't happen on their site. We were communicating through instant messaging in YAHOO.

Nonetheless, i hope that this experience of mine will also help somebody as the previous thread I quoted helped me.

PS - Webmaster:
Thanks for sharing this personal experience. I am happy to note that you were smart enough not to be ensnared into this scam. I hope it will help others to be more vigilant.
God Bless.

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