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Malaysia Scams

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We probably have more scams today than at anytime in history. Either scammers are getting smarter or their victims are getting sillier. What do you think? Why are there so many scam victims? Is it purely greed that gets them?

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This is the list of the latest Scams

  1. Scammers Bearings Gifts
    Be wary of scammers bearing gifts. You may like to circulate this to your friends. This happened in Singapore, but it can easily happen in Malaysia or anywhere else.
  2. Careful When Driving
    I was also talking to one of our worship team members on the phone (using my hands free of course) when I heard a honk on my left side. When I turned to look I saw this very ordinary, big brother like
  3. What to do when stopped By Malaysian police
    Procedures to follow in the event you are stopped by uniformed or plain clothes police Officers.
  4. Conman in Malaysian Highway
    Arab conman with slick hands relieving you of your money right in front of your very own eyes.
  5. Swisscash Scam
  6. Hotel Key Cards Scam
  7. ATM Card Fraud
  8. Hotel Scams - Credit Cards
  9. Credit Card Scams #1
  10. Credit Card Scams #2
  11. Credit Card Scams #3
  12. Fraudulent Hotel Websites
  13. Mersing Bus Scams
  14. Push Pocket in Kuala Lumpur
  15. KLIA Luggage Thief

Reported and unreported Malaysia Scams


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Malay Conman - Raziznurirwan 
If you meet this guy please be careful. He will cheat you, doesn't matter you are man or woman. He will not tell turth. what he talk 99% lie. But specialy …

Almost Scammed by MR.SERIOUS TYPE 
same as what other people who wish to find their love one on dating site.. i really thought i already found the one for me, he mailed me and he said he …

Real Estate Scam 
Please beware of this type of Real Estate scams where the property agent promises you just about anything to close the deal. We were persuaded to purchase …

Love Scams Malaysia 
Watch out for anyone calling themselves Kathy J. XXX. They are a known scammers and scammed me pretty good. She claims she lives in Scottsdale AZ and is …

Email Scam - Malaysian Partnership 
I just received this email inviting me to be a 'middle man' in a deal. Usually in Malaysia, the word of a middleman means one who does nothing and yet …

Scam Alert - Durian 
Scam Alert - Durian This happenned at a popular "mamak" restaurant in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, recently. As I was having my roti canai at Raju's, …

Malaysia Scam - Last Will 
Malaysia Scam - Last Will I got an email form certain Maria XX, who is supposed to be dying from Cancer. She explained all her difficulties and pain …

Latest Scam in Malaysia - Robbing in the name of Telekom 
Latest Scam in Malaysia - Robbing in the name of Telekom Recently someone rang our doorbell. My daughter checked and found that it was a young Malay …

Malaysia Scam 
Recently a relative was scammed into buying electronic products at a hypermarket in Kelana Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. The salesman offered her a free …

Malaysian Scam  Not rated yet
I too fell to the same scam at Shah Alam. I lost RM1,300/= so be more careful my friends. If you come across such a man, please ensure you take down his …

Death of Client Scam Not rated yet
I am Alex K, an attorney. I am contacting you because I strongly believe you could assist with the retrieval of (18,000,000.00 USD) left by my demised …

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