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Malaysian Politics

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  1. A Developed Malaysia
    The challenge is to ensure that Malaysia is headed towards Montreal and not sliding back to Tijuana. If we do not get to Montreal, we will automatically slide quickly towards Tijuana. Make not mistake about that; standing still is not an option.
  2. Malaysia on Trial
    The last time Malaysia's former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim was charged with sodomy, the country's judicial system was on trial. This time around, the stakes are even higher.
  3. Where is Negaraku?
    The dream of a Malaysian 'race' in the future is nowhere in sight with the present BN govt.
  4. Let Allah ruling stand
    A MUSLIM organisation in the United States has welcomed the Kuala Lumpur High Court ruling allowing the Catholic weekly Herald to call God 'Allah'.
  5. The Herald May use the Word Allah
    The High Court of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur has ruled that the Herald is free to use the word 'Allah' in its weekly publication called the Herald. It ruled that the Home Minister's order to ban the use of the word Allah was illegal, null and void.
  6. Compulsory voting for Malaysia
    It was revealed by the Election Commission Deputy Chairman that out of 16 million people eligible to vote, only 11 million have been registered to vote. It meant that 5 million eligible voters were not registered.
  7. Malaysia an 'Oil Cursed' Country
    The signs of a low-growth economy are all around us. Wages are stagnant and the cost of living is rising. We have not made much progress in becoming a knowledge and services based economy.
  8. Who Will Be The Next MCA President?
    MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek and vice-president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai are expected to go for the No. 1 post in the party's coming fresh elections, China Press reported today.
  9. BTN - Between true education and indoctrination
    We are not running Hitler Youth camps in Malaysia. We must not even come close to setting up one.
  10. Anwar wins against NST
    Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim won his defamation suit against the New Straits Times today.
  11. PI Balasubramaniam Resurfaces...
    ... Drops a bombshell
  12. MCA EGM
    to go ahead despite attempts to derail it.
  13. Malaysia Can Help Asia
    lead the recovery of the world economy.
  14. Mahathir on Anwar
    To Bankrupt Selangor, Anwar is the right economic adviser.


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