parcel holds in malaysia

by ryan salvadorr

i have recieved a notification letter from this courier service that i have a parcel coming from K Irwin (claiming his an Engr.,mobile) in London but its hold in Custom in Malaysia.

They send me the tracking number which i checked its ( but somebody named S Clement sending me a message and now they asking me to pay the $560 for the clearance pass which i did pay (sent by western union to the receivers name: K Lauren & N Shamawati) and after they charging me again another $1620 plus $ 6870 for the insurance certificate which i dont understand.

And now i am very suspicious with this mudos operandy why my parcel went in Malaysia not in Philippines. attached is the notification letter coming from their office: with this K Irwin at ARIN and S Clement.

We wish to inform you that, your package coming from Mr. K Irwin, with instructions to deliver to your designated address above, has been placed on hold by the Malaysian AUTHORITY. As the goods were brought on at Malaysia check point during Computer Scanning, the Malaysian AUTHORITY detected that currency or Cash money were included in your package.

This is highly prohibited and against the Law of the World Monetary Transfer system and also out of the rules and regulations of the Courier Sector.
Hence you have been mandated by the Malaysian Authority to pay the sum of 560 USD as a penalty within 24 Hours for the Clearance and Administration of your package.

Be informed also that if you fail to pay within the stipulated time, the Authority will confiscate or seize your package in accordance with the Law.

Therefore, you are adviced to locate the nearest Western Union Money Transfer agent and send the money with the name of our senior Account Cash Clerk and the Address stated below :

RECEIVER NAME (N Shamawati /k laurence

After payment, you are required to provide us with the payment information or Receipt for pick-up. As soon as we receive the money your package will be delivered to your designated Address.

Note that all orders not delivered within Five(5) working days from this communication will be charged for Security Keeping Fee ( SKF )
We are glad to be of good services to you.

Yours faithfully,
WorldinterLink Courier Service & Dispatch Departments.

Yours Sincerely
Mr J Francis

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